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Our Application Services

Proof Right provides a comprehensive application review service to ensure that your application stands out from the crowd. Having a compelling and engaging application whether it is a personal statement for the University admissions process, or a CV and or covering letter for a job application can be the key to a successful application.

Personal Statement Proofreading Service

At Proof Right, we understand the vital role a personal statement plays in the application process today. We’re committed to helping you write to the best of your ability whilst still retaining ownership of your work. We not only proofread your personal statement to ensure that it has no grammatical errors but we also recommend changes that may assist you in writing an engaging and compelling personal statement that stands out from the crowd.

Medicine Personal Statement Proofreading Service

Proof Right offers the UK’s only personal statement editing service provided by practicing Doctors and dedicated to students applying for medicine. Writing a personal statement for your Medicine application can be a difficult and daunting process. We will check your personal statement, edit and proofread to ensure that it reads grammatically correct. We will also provide feedback, this will be by a current practicing Doctor, you will also have the opportunity to query any comments.

Job Application Review Services

Getting a job can be a difficult process, you may have the right qualifications and experience. However, if your CV and covering letter is not presented in the correct format, is not concise and easy to read then it will not stand out to potential recruiters. We have expert proofreaders and editors who will thoroughly review your CV and or cover letter and will send you a personalised report upon completion. Our review service will help you make a great impression with potential employers.

We offer two levels of application review services, CV review and cover letter review services. Our review process involves:
• review of your CV or cover letter section by section,
• correction of any spelling and grammatical errors,
• detailed feedback on how to improve the content, layout and structure of your CV or cover letter,
• suggesting any changes that could be made to your text to ensure that your CV highlights your strengths.

The completed feedback is integrated with your CV and accompanied with a CV guide and returned to you upon completion.

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