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I have used Proof Right proofreading a number of times now and have to say their service is extremely good value for money, they thoroughly proofread my essay, improving the sentence structure, and my referencing.
Jack, Undergraduate Student
As a Chinese international student I attended University in the UK, as English is not my first language I did struggle writing essays and assignments as this is really important studying Law. I therefore used Proof Right proofreading they provided a very good service helping me not only to improve my sentence structure but also my grammar and referencing and I honestly believe that this has had a huge impact on improving my overall results.
Joanna, International Student
This is the first time I have used a proofreading service it has made a massive difference to my university essays, as I now know where I was going wrong and the little changes that I needed to make to help push my grades up.
Katie, PhD Student
Having tried a number of copy writing and content creation services in the process of designing websites for clients I have come across many services that simply fail to deliver what they claim. However Proof Right is one that I will recommend to clients as the content that they create is always high quality and most importantly original which is crucial in this business! –
Will, Website Designer
The proofreading service of Proof Right was more than fantastic. They are accurate in time, give excellent suggestions and comments on your work. Their prices are excellent and reasonable. Thanks to proof Right my thesis looks excellent, readable and presentable. Both me and my husband had a very excellent experience with Proof Right Proofreading. My husband got ‘distinction’ on his MA thesis (which I am sure that without proofreading he wouldn’t have got this mark) and I just finished mine and am waiting for the result. Personally, if I will go for Phd. In the near future, definitely, I will have Proof Right read my work. Me and my husband consider ourselves ‘lucky’ to have Proof Right to read and revise our work. I strongly recommend Proof Right.
Michelle, Postgraduate Student
Exceptional proofreading service from exceptional people. If you are ever stuck for words, format or need your life putting down on paper then this is the place to go – don’t go anywhere else. You won’t be disappointed definitely the best proofreading service I’ve encountered.
Sarah, Writer
I want to say thank you so much to Proof Right Proofreading! I’m very grateful. There have been several challenges and disappointments along the way as I wrote this book, but Proof Right felt like a real partner in this final stage. I felt they really cared about the detail of the manuscript, and were so meticulous in their comments, that it has given me much more confidence to send the book out into the world.
Jane, Author
I used Proof Right to check my CVs and the service was invaluable. Small errors in grammar or layout were highlighted for me, and the final result was far better than my initial efforts. It’s incredibly difficult to spot your own mistakes, and it’s critical that CVs are faultless. As I tend to cannibalise old CVs to make new ones, mistakes just get repeated, but Proof Right really helped cut this out. I’ll definitely use this proofreading service again.
Yusef, Professional
Adam at Proof Right did a fantastic job proofreading and editing some web copy for me. His work was thorough, quick, efficient, professional, and incredibly helpful. I thought I had done a pretty good job checking it myself but there are always little things that slip through the net! I was very impressed and happy with the results and will definitely use Proof Right again.
Peter, Copywriter
I believe Proof Right is the best proofreading service I ever see, James at Proof Right did a fantastic proofreading and editing for my dissertation, CV and covering letter. Every single element was fabulous. I recommend you guys hand your items to them, they won’t let you down.
Yan, Student
The Proof Right essay proofreading was so quick and easy to use. I don’t normally write reviews but the service was so professional and I really feel like the proofreaders picked up on useful points and probably helped my grade improve by quite a lot! Will definitely use them again in the future. The fastest proofreading company I have used! Really great value for money as well considering the speed with which my essay was returned. 100% satisfied with the marker’s comments and will certainly use this Proof Right again.
Sara, Student
Proof Right has proofread my research MSc thesis. They have done an excellent job, proofreading paragraph by paragraph and making many comments. After their service I have learnt which are the main mistakes I make when I write in English and I have got a wonderful thesis.
Laura, Student
Professionalism, high quality, great communication, quick replies, patience, and the sincere desire to help – this is my perception of the Proof Right company. I contacted them to proofread my MA Thesis in International Negotiations and was quite surprised to receive such high-quality work. I would definitely contact the team at Proof Right when I get myself together to write a Phd one day!
Marina, Postgraduate Student